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Step 2: Explore Water Treatment Options



Whole House Solution?

Why choose undersink?

Better-Tasting Water

Undersink water filtration systems remove bad tastes, colors, and odors, which pose no health risk, but still affect the quality of the water and are generally aesthetically unappealing.

Ask your water dealer about:
  • 3G Series
  • Diamond Flo
Safer Water

If you are concerned about health-related contaminants in your water, like lead and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), an undersink drinking water system can reduce these. Be sure to test your water for these contaminants before choosing a solution.

Ask your water dealer about:
  • CBC Series (Chlorine reduction)
  • ChlorPlus* Series (Chloramine reduction)
Where can I use an undersink solution?

Also known as a Point of Use (POU) solution, instead of treating the water throughout the entire home, an undersink water filtration system is typically used for drinking water applications at one location.

Ice Maker
Coffee Maker
Outdoor Kitchen
and More!

Why choose whole house?

Softening Hard Water

Hard water causes scale buildup in pipes and fixtures, interferes with the effectiveness of laundry and bath soap, and shortens the life of appliances.

Ask your water dealer about:
  • 5600SXT & 5600SXT Swivel
  • 255
  • Poly Glass*
  • 9100TS
Removing Heavy Sediment

Heavy sediment damages hot water heaters and plumbing systems, soils laundry and dishes, and can adversely affect drinking and cooking water.

Ask your water dealer about:
  • Performa 263 / Fleck* 2510
  • Big Blue* & Big Clear
  • S1 Series
  • DGD Series
Removing Special Contaminants

Whole house solutions allow you to directly treat specific concerns with a filter designed to remove iron, lead or chlorine residue, or with an ultrafiltration system that reduces bacteria and viruses.

Ask your water dealer about:
  • FreshPoint*
  • CBC Series
  • FloPlus*
  • RFFE Series
How does it work?

Whole house, also known as Point of Entry (POE), solutions connect to the water supply where it enters your house. If you have a water quality issue affecting all areas of your home, then whole house solutions would be the best choice for you. Whole house water filtration systems treat considerably more water than an undersink solution.

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