• Electromechanical Timers

    Electromechanical Timers
    Fleck's electromechanical timers are simple to program and easy to service. View Products
  • Manual Control

    Manual Control
    For applications where conditioned water is only required on an intermittent basis, such as cabins, RVs, or when AC power is not available. View Products
  • NXT

    The NXT Advanced System Network Controller links multiple commercial valves (via off-the-shelf network cables) for a variety of system types. View Products
  • NXT2

    The Pentair Fleck NXT2 Advanced System Network Controller features new user-friendly upgrades and first-in-class connectivity. View Products
  • SXT

    Fleck SXT Controls provide easy, step-by-step programming at the touch of a button. View Products
  • XT

    The XT advanced electronic controller is available for single control valve operation. View Products
  • XTR2

    Pentair Fleck brings you the Fleck XTR2 Controller - the first touchscreen control valve to hit the water industry. View Products