The system includes a 5 micron sediment and carbon block prefilter that reduces sediment, odor and improves taste. The carbon and sediment prefilters reduces the particles and chlorine taste and odor to prolong the life of the RO membrane.

The RO membrane separates water molecules from dissolved salts and minerals. The RO filtered water is sent to the storage tank until you need it. When you turn on the drinking water faucet, the filtered water from the storage tank is sent through a carbon polishing filter which provides final taste and odor filtration before the water reaches your glass. Cleaner, fresher water whenever you want it!

Features & Benefits

  • Includes 50 gallon per day high recovery GRO reverse osmosis encapsulated membrane
  • Water on demand delivered from a storage tank
  • Encapsulated element for simplified replacement
  • Reduces salts, dissolved minerals, and bad taste and odor
  • Designed for chlorinated and non-chlorinated potable drinking water


  • Point-of-use drinking water
  • Undersink installations